“…a passionate literary experience.” - The Lieutenant of San Porfirio, Carlos Alberto Montaner

"An epic tale of redemption, forbidden love, and atonement against all odds." - Lords of Misrule, Book Viral

Lords of Misrule: A Novel

“…a tragicomic satire about the Chavista revolution, in the tradition of Latin American magical realism; fun at times, but overall worrying and disquieting, particularly as it relates to the future.” - The Lieutenant of San Porfirio,

El Universal

"A modern day, secular Pilgrim's Progress." - The Burning of San Porfirio, Magical Realism Blogspot Book Review

“Hirst strives to uncover the hidden roots of underdevelopment, amid the legacy of privilege, discrimination, and injustice. He also includes an analysis of why the history of Latin America is one of ongoing frustrations, with every so often the rise of a protector, savior, or leader of the poor, who eventually plunges those people into an abyss deeper and worse then what they had before the onset of these ‘vigilantes’.”

- The Lieutenant of San Porfirio, PanAm Post

"The magical realism in this novel so resembles socialist Venezuela that it is hard not to attribute first and last names to the novel's protagonists.  Those who seek to better understand the reality of life in that country, or who simply seek to enjoy a riveting story should read 'The Lieutenant of San Porfirio'" 

- Dr. Alejandro Toledo

President of Peru 2001 - 2006

Joel D. Hirst